About The Band

Honeyboys music pushes boundaries, blends genres and maintains an inherent sense of rawness. It’s a cliche, a dream and a paradox all in one, but this is just what California progressive pop band Honeyboys excel at. Started by Cal Poly students in the fall of 2019, guitarist Reese Gardner and vocalist Ari Eisenberg met at a music production club and began recruiting other musicians. Shortly after, drummer Matt Sato, keyboardist Grady Gallagher and bassist Erin O’Rourke were added to the lineup. Buzz began to spread like honey when word of their live shows got out. Showcasing the virtuosic talent of each member and energy of a band still in its infancy, the Honeyboys quickly began performing all-original setlists around San Luis Obispo. With a number of tracks already recorded and many more being written, their prolific writing streak all began with debut single I Just Wanna Know, a testament to the power of bedroom recording and youthful ambition.

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